a NYC native Electronic Music Producer— who’s soundscape-esque music is influenced by an odd blend of urban street racing, spiritual mythology, and astronomy.
The cosmic vibrations are near-impossible to describe, crafted in the shape of thudding , but vibrant club music.
Around the age of 10 he began dabbling with basic free production and dj software fueled by an obsession with Daft Punk, and his Earth-Father’s
extensive house music record collection.

— “After listening to- Electronic Music on Youtube for so many years I finally said, ‘Alright, I really need to learn the science behind what these guys do.’”

He stepped into production earnestly in 2013. Following up after a year long hiatus to work on music- ‘GEOTHEORY’ was created.
An almost ominous, enigmatic presence was foretold to f-ck up soundcloud. He has done nothing short of that.
We are still trying to obtain more information on him…